Ask Legally Engaged – Should I switch from my current career to Law?

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Dear LE,

I’m currently a student at University studying Maths and hoping to be an investment banker/financial advisor and also become qualified as a lawyer by taking the Graduate Diploma in Law in the United Kingdom.

I chose to study finance because of my gift in Mathematics. But I have also decided to pursue a career in law because I feel I would have an advantage by having both qualifications as the more diverse my qualifications are, the more marketable I would be. In addition to that, I have developed a passion for Law.

Is this a good plan to see through or should I just stick to one?

Kind regards,



Dear W,

Thank you for your email.

Studying for a law degree at this point would involve significant time commitments. Like you have identified, you would be required to undertake the GDL for one year and then Nigerian Law School for another year. (This is assuming the NLS accepts GDL degrees).

We would advise you to take part in mini-internships in Nigerian law firms while continuing with your Maths degree, and maybe even follow some of your colleagues in the Law Faculty to their classes. This will give you a little insight into law practice, and allow you to determine if you really do have an interest in Law.

Then finish your degree and instead of doing the GDL immediately, serve on the NYSC for one year in a company related to your field.

After doing the above, we believe you would be in a better position to make a more informed decision.


The AskLE Team

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