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Ask Legally Engaged – Should I switch from my current career to Law?

Dear LE, I’m currently a student at University studying Maths and hoping to be an investment banker/financial advisor and also become qualified as a lawyer by taking the Graduate Diploma in Law in the United Kingdom. I chose to study finance because of my gift in Mathematics. But I have also decided to pursue a

AskLE – Why am I not getting any internships?

Right from my 100 level, I have always liked working during my summer holidays. And over the years I have applied to a number of law firms in the country but only get replies from some and considered by few. I usually apply in January and February since it’s for summer period and it’s sad

Ask Legally Engaged – What Role Does My CGPA Play When Seeking Employment?

Dear LE, Results for my final examinations came out this week. They weren’t bad but not exactly great either. I graduated with a second class upper but I fell short of having a 4.0 CGPA by 0.01. So I’m very determined to make a first class in law school. I’ve always wondered how much of

Ask Legally Engaged – Should I remind an organization of my pending job application?

Dear LE, I would like to seek your opinion, as regards a question that I have gotten several conflicting answers on. I’m a youth corps member, who is about to round off her mandatory service year in October. I have started sending out job applications to so many law firms in Lagos since June. I

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