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How To Write A Cover Letter (NYSC/ Internship)

An application for an internship or NYSC role should always be accompanied by a cover letter. A cover letter is the voice behind your CV. It is your chance to highlight important aspects of your CV and convince the employer that they should hire you (or at least interview you). Before you start It is

How To Write a CV for Young Nigerian Professionals

First click here for an understanding of the skills your law CV should showcase.   Personal Details Full name (First name then surname in ALL CAPS, e.g. Bolanle ADEBIYI) Home address Email address and telephone number Use a professional email address (e.g. instead of Depending on the sophistication of the law office, you should

Beyond Good Grades Part 3; Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Mrs. A is an experienced human resources manager at a top tier commercial law firm in Lagos, Nigeria. One evening, she was reviewing applications from potential candidates for an associate position at her firm. Out of the 50 resumes she reviewed, she noticed that the skills or summary sections of about 27 candidates contained the

9+ Tips to Build a Killer LinkedIn Profile for Nigerian Professionals

We have established on LE many times that reaching out to legal professionals on LinkedIn is a great way to network and stand out in the legal profession. However, you need to make sure your profile is up to scratch, and even better, to increase your chances of having your invite accepted or your message

Quick Changes to Make to Your CV to Give You an Edge Over the Crowd

Your CV is the heartbeat of your job search, and it will usually be reviewed and discussed in your absence. In a highly competitive and saturated market, it is more important than ever, that your CV is a written document that speaks well of you in your absence. In about an hour or less, you

Dealing with Job Rejections

We are all familiar with the statistics – thousands of people are called to the Nigerian Bar every year to join even more thousands already roaming the legal job market. Only a very tiny percentage of law school graduates land the job they want immediately after school. The vast majority of new lawyers have to

Ask Legally Engaged – Should I remind an organization of my pending job application?

Dear LE, I would like to seek your opinion, as regards a question that I have gotten several conflicting answers on. I’m a youth corps member, who is about to round off her mandatory service year in October. I have started sending out job applications to so many law firms in Lagos since June. I

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