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Preparing For Your Law Interview

We cannot overemphasis the need to prepare for your interview. One of the most common reasons for failure at an interview is inadequate preparation. An interview is an opportunity for you to find out if the firm is for you, as much as it is an opportunity for them to find out if you are

Sample Interview Questions at Nigerian Law Firms and How to Answer Them

This article has intentionally neglected to provide stock answers to some of the questions you are likely to be asked at your interview. We instead provide guidance on how you can apply yourself and formulate your own answers to these questions. In writing this article, we spoke to junior lawyers from different types of law

Dressing appropriately for your interview

Besides an attractive résumé, appropriate dressing is also a winning factor for a job hunter. My choice of ‘appropriate’ instead of ‘good’ dressing is a shield from the ridicule that may arise from obvious differences in what good appearance means to different people, especially as it largely relates to career, culture, and other social determinants.

Excelling at Law Firm Recruitment Tests

Many people make attempts yearly to get recruited into law firms particularly the top-tier law firms. However, these firms only have a limited number of qualified candidates that they can take in; hence they conduct preliminary tests to help them reduce the number of candidates they need to consider to a more manageable number. These

Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

The aim of a job application is to land an interview and the ultimate aim of the interview is to land a job offer. Thus, it is extremely important to be on your very best behaviour during your interview. Be conservative about what you share and keep the focus on proving your ability to do

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