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Increasing Your Response Rate on LinkedIn; five things to do before you hit the Connect button.

In today’s world where your network can determine your net worth, it is no longer news that LinkedIn is the best platform for networking, getting hired and cultivating rewarding business relationships. Many people, students and young professionals alike, complain that LinkedIn is overrated simply because they feel once they sign up, jobs and great connections

Tips for Sending Cold (unsolicited) Messages to Professionals

A cold email/message is an unsolicited e-mail/message that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling. (Wikipedia) We have discussed the benefits of networking extensively on Legally Engaged. An increasingly popular way of networking and reaching out to professionals is by (initially) sending

How to Get Nigerian Law Internships; Part 1 – Networking

The first thing you must understand whilst searching for internship opportunities is that Nigerian law firms do not offer structured internship programs. In the UK, US and other foreign jurisdictions, internships are a big deal. The competition for them is extremely fierce, and the process is tough. There is a clearly laid out process to

Networking for Young Nigerian Lawyers

Networking simply entails maintaining contact with people over the passage of time in order to develop a business or potential client base. Why you should be networking Networking is extremely important in the quest to build a solid career for any career-driven lawyer, and most particularly for a lawyer who wants to grow a good

Approaches to Studying for Law Exams – Part 3; Networking with Senior Colleagues

There’s an African proverb that says that “a child who sits on the shoulder of the elders will see farther than them.” This proverb applies to many aspects of life, including exam preparation. This article focuses on the role that networking with senior colleagues could play in exam success. Law students in the 1st -3rd

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking at Professional Events

The majority of people are naturally introverts, particularly in professional settings. However, in most lines of work, that warm and cosy shell is more often than not, a limiting wall – proper networking will open numerous doors that would otherwise have remained closed to a young professional. So, for those that are not naturally outgoing,

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