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Job Placement

An Open Letter to the Rejected Job Candidate

Dear Stephanie,  You are not the reason you did not get that job. Mr Titus, the Chief Operating Officer for the company was clear on what he wanted. After his last two recruitment “errors”, he had come to this conclusion and made some decisions. He knew that for ethic’s sake, the qualifications he desired could

A Guide To NYSC Applications at Nigerian Law Firms

This article contains links to other articles which may be useful to you. When to apply You’ve finally finished Bar Finals and now have more spare time; should you begin your NYSC applications? The short answer is yes. Resting and unwinding from the stress of exams is good and in fact, highly recommended, but don’t

Preparing For Your Law Interview

We cannot overemphasis the need to prepare for your interview. One of the most common reasons for failure at an interview is inadequate preparation. An interview is an opportunity for you to find out if the firm is for you, as much as it is an opportunity for them to find out if you are

Sample Interview Questions at Nigerian Law Firms and How to Answer Them

This article has intentionally neglected to provide stock answers to some of the questions you are likely to be asked at your interview. We instead provide guidance on how you can apply yourself and formulate your own answers to these questions. In writing this article, we spoke to junior lawyers from different types of law

Lessons Learnt in my Year of Practice at the Nigerian Bar

Editor’s note: the writer of this article, a young lawyer, called to the Nigerian Bar in 2016 shares his experience at the Bar and lessons learned so far for the benefit of the recently called lawyers. Enjoy! The beauty of playing in the field is that you live out what you previously observed as an

Selecting a Law Office in the Early Stages of Your Career; Part 4/4 – Questions to Ask

In this series, we have been discussing the factors that students and young lawyers should consider when applying to law firms and offices in Nigeria. We have mentioned training and development, work environment, promotion and retention rates, among many others. It is all well and good to know the factors that you should consider when

Selecting a Law Office in the Early Stages of Your Career; Part 3 – Work Environment & Training

In the last part of this series, we discussed some of the factors that a new lawyer in Nigeria should consider when choosing a place of employment. We talked about factors such as remuneration, the area of law, preferred geographical location, the reputation of the law firm, and career prospects, among others. In this part,

Selecting A Law Office in the Early Stages of Your Career

Thousands of aspiring lawyers have recently completed their time at the Nigerian Law School and are awaiting their results. Some of these students are already applying for jobs at law offices across Nigeria. If you are not one of them, you should start applying now. We have it on good authority that some law firms,

Navigating The First Few Weeks at Your Job in a Top-tier Law Firm

Congratulations! You have just scored a job with a top-tier law firm. Chances are that you beat so many other great candidates to land the job. Your educational qualifications and personality have won you an opportunity to join a formidable team of lawyers. You may have updated your LinkedIn profile and you have most likely

How to Increase Employability Even as a Student or New Lawyer

You are currently at the university or the Nigerian Law School, studying largely the same curriculum with thousands of students across Nigeria. Upon your call to the Nigerian Bar, you and thousands of new lawyers will be released into the job market to sink or swim. You have probably heard stories of how those senior

Maximising your Career Resources in the New Year

The beginning of every year comes with the opportunity to improve on the triumphs of the previous year, and to rectify any blunders recorded. The legal profession on all levels offers numerous platforms for its members to thrive. Growing your legal career is largely dependent on utilising the resources available to you and this piece

Excelling at Law Firm Recruitment Tests

Many people make attempts yearly to get recruited into law firms particularly the top-tier law firms. However, these firms only have a limited number of qualified candidates that they can take in; hence they conduct preliminary tests to help them reduce the number of candidates they need to consider to a more manageable number. These

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