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An Open Letter to the Rejected Job Candidate

Dear Stephanie,  You are not the reason you did not get that job. Mr Titus, the Chief Operating Officer for the company was clear on what he wanted. After his last two recruitment “errors”, he had come to this conclusion and made some decisions. He knew that for ethic’s sake, the qualifications he desired could

Increasing Your Response Rate on LinkedIn; five things to do before you hit the Connect button.

In today’s world where your network can determine your net worth, it is no longer news that LinkedIn is the best platform for networking, getting hired and cultivating rewarding business relationships. Many people, students and young professionals alike, complain that LinkedIn is overrated simply because they feel once they sign up, jobs and great connections

Dealing with Job Rejections

We are all familiar with the statistics – thousands of people are called to the Nigerian Bar every year to join even more thousands already roaming the legal job market. Only a very tiny percentage of law school graduates land the job they want immediately after school. The vast majority of new lawyers have to

The Jumping Ship Series (Quitting Your Job); Part II – Hear from those who have done it successfully

In the last part of the series, we discussed some of the factors that young lawyers should consider before making a decision to switch from one law role to the other. Following on from that discussion, we interviewed practicing lawyers who have held multiple roles in the past and asked them to share their experience

The Jumping Ship Series (Quitting Your Job); Part I – Do You Really Need a New Job?

Studies conducted in the USA show that almost half of employees are outrightly dissatisfied with their current job, while a whopping 81 percent of those in employment are actively searching for a new job, or immediately planning to embark on a search. In a country where the work conditions are not as employee-friendly, one can

How to Increase Employability Even as a Student or New Lawyer

You are currently at the university or the Nigerian Law School, studying largely the same curriculum with thousands of students across Nigeria. Upon your call to the Nigerian Bar, you and thousands of new lawyers will be released into the job market to sink or swim. You have probably heard stories of how those senior

Maximising your Career Resources in the New Year

The beginning of every year comes with the opportunity to improve on the triumphs of the previous year, and to rectify any blunders recorded. The legal profession on all levels offers numerous platforms for its members to thrive. Growing your legal career is largely dependent on utilising the resources available to you and this piece

Qualified Lawyer & Project Manager; we interview Obinna Okonkwo

Obinna Okonkwo is a qualified Lawyer, Project Manager and Seed-stage Venture builder. He currently heads the Project Management Department at Funema Group, a Lagos-based Growth Consulting and Venture Building firm.  He is also the founder and Program Director of a startup social enterprise, Change Lead Africa. A Law graduate of the University of Benin, his

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking at Professional Events

The majority of people are naturally introverts, particularly in professional settings. However, in most lines of work, that warm and cosy shell is more often than not, a limiting wall – proper networking will open numerous doors that would otherwise have remained closed to a young professional. So, for those that are not naturally outgoing,

Dealing with Workplace Boredom/Dissatisfaction as a Lawyer

Do you feel bored at work? Lethargic? Do you feel like you’re going round in circles in your career? Do you dread Monday mornings because you dislike your job? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, it is possible that you are in a career rut. There are a lot of reasons

Bad Grades Do Not Define You – We Interview FB

Editor’s Note – FB (real name withheld), a graduate of Benue State University, graduated from the Nigerian Law School with a Pass and felt a crushing wave of disappointment and hopelessness. In this article, he talks to Legally Engaged about how he went from being walked out of an NYSC recruitment test because of his

How To Improve Your Communication Skills: Part 1 – Writing

Communication skills are vital and indispensable tools for lawyers. Reading, listening to understand a client’s issues/need, writing briefs of argument, letters and various legal documents, addressing the court, and speaking with clients are all intrinsic parts of a lawyer’s daily life and work. At all times, a lawyer should be able to convey information clearly,

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