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Overview Of The Nigerian Law School

Starting at the Nigerian Law School soon? Here are some things you need to know. Campus There are six campuses of the Nigerian Law School – Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Yola, Yenogoa and Kano, with Abuja being the headquarters. All the campuses are headed by Deputy Director Generals, except for the Abuja campus which is headed

Making the Best of Your Revision Period at the Nigerian Law School

The externship period is gradually wrapping up and I know many law students are agitated at this point about how all that they have we read and all they know right now is not sufficient to scale through the almighty Bar Finals. Well, this is to let you know that you can still pass the

Life at the Nigerian Law School

Editor’s Note: As the new session of the Nigerian Law School commences, new students will find this platform very resourceful. Overview of the Law School especially presents an elaborate but yet concise summary of the law school experience and answers most questions that new students usually have. We believe that there is value in providing

How to Deal with Procrastination in Your Studies

Someone once commented that an Association for Procrastinators should be established, and someone else responded: “Let’s do it tomorrow.” This narration is a humorous but apt one. One of life’s greatest lessons is that life does not reward indolence or even condone it. Delay is dangerous and expensive. When students understand exactly how much of

Studying at the Nigerian Law School

The first term of the 2017/2018 session of the Nigerian Law School has come and gone. So also have the Christmas and New Year breaks. And at this stage, I believe I am permitted to make a few assumptions. First, that you have gotten your textbooks and other reading materials, or at least, have a

Bad Grades Do Not Define You – We Interview FB

Editor’s Note – FB (real name withheld), a graduate of Benue State University, graduated from the Nigerian Law School with a Pass and felt a crushing wave of disappointment and hopelessness. In this article, he talks to Legally Engaged about how he went from being walked out of an NYSC recruitment test because of his

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