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The Fundamentals of Writing Award-Winning Essays

We live in an era where industry experts and institutions are not only interested in spurring the personal development of undergraduate students, but also in hearing their views on important matters. One of the ways this is done is through essay competitions. There are several essay competitions out there that students can get involved in.

Balancing Academics with Extracurricular Activities

As students, we have individual interests. Although we desire good grades, the need to develop these interests often rivals our academic fancies. In an era of incredible advances in technology and the resultant global demand for highly cognitive and behavioral skills (such as interpersonal skills, problem solving, creativity, communication skills, analytical skills, project management, leadership,

Six Things that Should Inform Your Choice Of Elective Courses In The University

At the beginning of each new semester, choosing courses to offer as part of meeting up with Law degree requirements is the norm. As exciting as this should be, it can be frustrating for unguided students. Generally, the Faculty/College of Law provides students with tens of courses with minimum requirements for the award of the

Ask Legally Engaged – What Role Does My CGPA Play When Seeking Employment?

Dear LE, Results for my final examinations came out this week. They weren’t bad but not exactly great either. I graduated with a second class upper but I fell short of having a 4.0 CGPA by 0.01. So I’m very determined to make a first class in law school. I’ve always wondered how much of

How to keep yourself busy during the ASUU strike

From this week, most public universities in Nigeria will proceed on an indefinite strike action, due to the failure of the Federal Government to implement the 2009 Agreement, which was borne out of a strike action, and renegotiated in 2013, to end another strike action. Its details are not our concern here. Rather, it’s the

A Nigerian Law Student’s Guide to Mooting – Part I

A moot is not a debate. In a debate, all you are expected to do is address people, usually without the use of any external material and I usually say, a debate is a performance and the best entertainer who informs people the most usually wins. A moot is different. It is a conversation between

Approaches to Studying for Law Exams – Part.2; Class Attendance

Editor’s Note: Akintunde’s article follows his previous reflection on approaches to studying for law examinations. This part focuses on the contribution of class attendance to examination success and shares tips on how to make the best of class attendance.  In faculties of law in Nigeria, students must attend 75 percent of their classes to qualify to

Approaches to Studying for Law Exams – Part I; Personal Study

Nothing reawakens the awareness of being a student like the publication of the examination timetable for a semester. Everything else, including extracurricular obligations, religious activities, and even personal development goals, pale into insignificance after a student sights the timetable. At this time, the only thing that rings through is the advice most students often get

How to Deal with Procrastination in Your Studies

Someone once commented that an Association for Procrastinators should be established, and someone else responded: “Let’s do it tomorrow.” This narration is a humorous but apt one. One of life’s greatest lessons is that life does not reward indolence or even condone it. Delay is dangerous and expensive. When students understand exactly how much of

A Nigerian Law Student’s Guide to Mooting – Part II

In the first part of this guide to mooting, we discussed the need to prepare adequately beforehand, and also discussed in-depth, techniques and tips to bear in mind while preparing. Now that you have prepared: Be confident If it helps, you can do what I do. After I have prepared adequately (on the assumption that

Gaining Non-Law Work Experience

As an undergraduate, there are several avenues you can explore to make you stand out when it is time to hit the labour market. These are avenues through which you can acquire invaluable skills and imbibe work ethics and values. The following are a few of the avenues for a law student to gain work

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