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Writing Award-winning Essays: Surmounting the Hurdles of Plagiarism

Read first: The Fundamentals of Writing Award-winning Essays. When submitting my entry for an essay competition I entered for a while ago, it struck my mind that perhaps the reason many do not win essay writing competitions is that more often than not, their entries get flagged for plagiarism. In the world of writing, plagiarism

The Fundamentals of Writing Award-Winning Essays

We live in an era where industry experts and institutions are not only interested in spurring the personal development of undergraduate students, but also in hearing their views on important matters. One of the ways this is done is through essay competitions. There are several essay competitions out there that students can get involved in.

Debunking the Myths about Law Students

It begins this way: you meet up with a person, let’s say a fellow student, with whom you discuss for a minute or two, at which point, you are still just an ordinary mortal. Then he finally throws the big question and asks, “what course?” you let out in a low, deliberate and unassuming tone,

Balancing Academics with Extracurricular Activities

As students, we have individual interests. Although we desire good grades, the need to develop these interests often rivals our academic fancies. In an era of incredible advances in technology and the resultant global demand for highly cognitive and behavioral skills (such as interpersonal skills, problem solving, creativity, communication skills, analytical skills, project management, leadership,

An Intern’s Guide to having a Great Internship Experience

I started interning during my first year at the university and initially saw it as a way to avoid boredom, but I have now come to find that internships are a great opportunity to further one’s career. If you have not secured an internship placement yet, I recommend you read “How to Get Nigerian Law

How to Deal with Procrastination in Your Studies

Someone once commented that an Association for Procrastinators should be established, and someone else responded: “Let’s do it tomorrow.” This narration is a humorous but apt one. One of life’s greatest lessons is that life does not reward indolence or even condone it. Delay is dangerous and expensive. When students understand exactly how much of

What Should a Student Do During the School Break?

The question above which formed the title of this article popped up on my mind at a gathering with some friends a few days after our final semester examination. The joy that drenched some of them was visibly overwhelming as they admitted that they couldn’t wait to be home after the school break. ‘’Home sweet

How to Increase Employability Even as a Student or New Lawyer

You are currently at the university or the Nigerian Law School, studying largely the same curriculum with thousands of students across Nigeria. Upon your call to the Nigerian Bar, you and thousands of new lawyers will be released into the job market to sink or swim. You have probably heard stories of how those senior

Creating a Balance between your Academics and Extracurricular Engagements

The typical need for students to constantly maintain a balance between academics and extracurricular activities cannot be overemphasised. Poor academic performance sometimes can be traced to a student’s lopsidedness with allocating time, energy and resources among his/her extracurricular engagements to the detriment of his/her academics. As much as both endeavours are exclusively important for an

Approaches to Studying for Law Exams – Part 3; Networking with Senior Colleagues

There’s an African proverb that says that “a child who sits on the shoulder of the elders will see farther than them.” This proverb applies to many aspects of life, including exam preparation. This article focuses on the role that networking with senior colleagues could play in exam success. Law students in the 1st -3rd

Studying at the Nigerian Law School

The first term of the 2017/2018 session of the Nigerian Law School has come and gone. So also have the Christmas and New Year breaks. And at this stage, I believe I am permitted to make a few assumptions. First, that you have gotten your textbooks and other reading materials, or at least, have a

A Nigerian Law Student’s Guide to Mooting – Part II

In the first part of this guide to mooting, we discussed the need to prepare adequately beforehand, and also discussed in-depth, techniques and tips to bear in mind while preparing. Now that you have prepared: Be confident If it helps, you can do what I do. After I have prepared adequately (on the assumption that

Gaining Non-Law Work Experience

As an undergraduate, there are several avenues you can explore to make you stand out when it is time to hit the labour market. These are avenues through which you can acquire invaluable skills and imbibe work ethics and values. The following are a few of the avenues for a law student to gain work

How To Improve Your Communication Skills: Part 1 – Writing

Communication skills are vital and indispensable tools for lawyers. Reading, listening to understand a client’s issues/need, writing briefs of argument, letters and various legal documents, addressing the court, and speaking with clients are all intrinsic parts of a lawyer’s daily life and work. At all times, a lawyer should be able to convey information clearly,

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