Four ways to maximise your NYSC year

1.      Be open-minded 

Everyone will not work in a “big” Law Firm during the NYSC year; do not let this discourage you. Regardless of where you work, immerse yourself and be enthusiastic about every task, no matter how little they may seem. 

2.      Build relationships

From your three weeks in camp to your CDS days and your PPA, you will interact with several different people. Take advantage of this and proactively form associations that can lead to long-term successful relationships throughout your career. While building relationships with experienced professionals, don’t neglect developing relationships with your fellow Youth Corp members and NYSC associates.

3.      Volunteer/Community service

Your NYSC year is an opportunity to volunteer for a course and make an impact. You will most likely spend your service year in a state you have never been; find problems and solve them. Volunteer to change something in your host community: you can mentor a teenager, educate people on legal issues, build a library, keep the community clean, etc. You will hone a lot of skills and will end up feeling good about yourself.

4.      Learn

Yes, you have now been called to the Nigerian Bar, but there is still so much to learn. Read novels, books, articles, etc., to improve your vocabulary and legal writing. You will also be surprised at how fast life goes by after University education. Start pursuing that professional certification – you might get a discounted price as a Youth Corp member – learn a new language, learn the skills of the future, apply for scholarships/opportunities. Learn, learn and learn.

Written by Isoemi Samuel – Community Manager, Legally Engaged

legallyengagedFour ways to maximise your NYSC year

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