Maximising your Career Resources in the New Year

The beginning of every year comes with the opportunity to improve on the triumphs of the previous year, and to rectify any blunders recorded. The legal profession on all levels offers numerous platforms for its members to thrive. Growing your legal career is largely dependent on utilising the resources available to you and this piece aims at identifying a few of them as follows:

Have a Functional LinkedIn Account

The most important social media platform for a lawyer who intends to develop is LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, make 2018 your year to set up one.

Note, however, that it is not enough to have an account or a set up profile; you must go the extra mile of by being active on the platform. The profile that gets attention on LinkedIn is the active profile. Therefore to maximise your LinkedIn experience, you should engage in the following:

  1. Regular Profile updates: Here you review your profile, adding new achievements and progress. This will allow the LinkedIn community take note of your progress.
  2. Regular socialising and networking: Make it a habit to celebrate with your connections on birthdays and anniversaries; you may never know how far they’ll go in expressing their gratitude. Additionally, you’ll bring yourself closer to your connections, especially those who have advanced in the profession.
  3. Respond with comments on posts and articles read: Everyone appreciates a feedback on their work and giving it endears you to publishers on LinkedIn. The more articles you read and respond to, the more chances you have of connecting deeper with people. Every article you comment on attracts the author and his audience to your profile and that avails you the opportunity to have your activities noticed.
  4. Cultivate a regular publishing habit: Every profile is amplified by the level of experience listed on it and the quality of projects worked on. Now that your comments attract people to your page, feel free to post and share articles on your thoughts, the law, and life. The more posts you put out there, the better you will become at writing and the better you become at writing, the higher your viewers.

Identify Online and Offline Mentors

Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited as saying “every man is a hero and an Oracle to somebody and to that person, whatever he says has an enhanced value”.. Identify mentors on the areas you intend to grow and connect with them in the most direct and precise sentences.

Also note that the relationship with your mentor is tipped in favour of the mentor i.e. you stand more to gain from your mentor than vice-versa, therefore finding and staying under a mentor requires humility and patience because you’ll definitely be tested.

While you build your rapport online, always remember that the best mentor is one who can monitor your growth and whose interest is to see you become better. Therefore also identify and connect with physical mentors who can afford to make out time to meet with you.

You can also follow top-tier firms on LinkedIn and read their regular publications as a supplement to your learning.

Subscribe to Law Blogs that Publicise Regular Seminars

It is trite that learning never ends, therefore, it is important for a lawyer to be aware of the regular seminars and training that are available in the course of the year. With the right information, you’ll be able to position yourself for the right knowledge, paid or free of charge.

Keep a Law Journal

A law journal is a book that keeps records of your experiences in the profession, lessons learned and information garnered. A religious commitment to a law journal makes the journal a rich material when you intend to write on an issue or proffer a solution. Additionally, it is from the contents of a detailed journal that you can monitor your progress more efficiently.

Subscribe to Online Law Reports Suppliers

The use of online law reports have long been approved by our legal system, therefore every lawyer should capitalise on that resource. These suppliers not only make recent cases available, but they also provide laws and statutes that come in handy during research.


There will always be opportunities for you to offer your expertise for free. Don’t ignore them. Our lives are best lived when we offer help to those who may not be able to repay us. Additionally, in volunteering, you learn, grow and enlarge your capacity.

Be Consistent

The key component of maximising your legal resources is consistency. Without it, you will not be able to get the best out of the platforms. You must make a commitment to keep at it until it breaks through.

Success is not seen in action but in productivity, but it is your consistent activity that produces the required results.

In conclusion, the points highlighted above do not exhaust the subject, however in applying them, you avail yourself a wider opportunity to meet and exceed your career goals for the year.

Derek Chisom Nduka-Edede is a corporate, litigation, arbitration and real estate lawyer with experience advising on dispute resolutions, business management, interviewing and counselling, public speaking and seminar presentations. He is a law graduate of Abia State University and was called to the bar in 2016.

He is an alumnus of The Abia State University Law Clinic where he headed the freedom of information Act unit that conducted laudable community projects and also interviewing and counselling seminars and training.

He is currently an Associate with Akeremale Abayomi & Co.

legallyengagedMaximising your Career Resources in the New Year

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