Giveaway – Practice Preparation Course 2020

As part of our continued drive to build the capacity of Nigerian lawyers and give opportunities to lawyers who might not ordinarily have them, we are giving away slots on the highly-anticipated Practice Preparation Course (PPC) to three lucky followers/subscribers.

The PPC is an intensive two-week training programme to be held in Lagos from 13th January – 22 January 2020 (weekdays only). There will be over twenty sessions on various areas of commercial law such as Taxation, IP, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking, Energy, etc. These sessions will be facilitated by highly-regarded legal professionals who are at the peak of their careers.

Please read the below carefully to ensure that you have understood and complied with all terms and conditions before applying.

1st place prize – Full access to all 22 sessions taking place on the PPC over the period of 8 days. Includes training materials, feeding, etc.

2nd place prize – Access to 3 core modules on the PPC. E.g. the Banking & Finance module (made up of five independent sessions), the Business Advisory module (made up of two independent sessions), the Business Restructuring module (made up of four independent sessions), the Legal Skills modules (made up of four independent sessions), etc. Applicants have the liberty to choose the modules they attend.

3rd place prize – Access to 1 (one) core module on the PPC. As above.

Application – please send a 250-word write-up to (with the subject “Application for PPC Scholarship”) telling us why you are interested in commercial legal practice and why you should be selected. Deadline for applications is 9am, Friday 3rd January 2020. Winners will be announced/contacted by 7th January 2020.

Attach (i) evidence that you are following Legally Engaged on social media (e.g. screenshot) and (ii) evidence that you are subscribed to our newsletter and (iii) a copy of your CV.

Please note the following terms

  • Priority for the 1st place prize will be given to applicants who can prove that they were following Legally Engaged before the announcement of this giveaway. I.e. as at 27th December 2019. Please feel free to include such evidence in your application. This applies to 1st place prize only.
  • Applicants who are currently employed must be able to present an email from their employer/supervisor permitting them to be absent for the applicable days.
  • The giveaway is not available to lawyers who work in big (commercial) law firms. Our target is lawyers who ordinarily cannot afford to attend. What constitutes a “big (commercial) law firm” will be entirely at the discretion of the Legally Engaged team.
  • The giveaway is currently available to qualified lawyers only – not students.
  • Applicants outside Lagos must be able to bear their transport/accommodations costs where applicable.
  • There are no guidelines for the content of the write-up but please bear in mind that there will be many other applicants, so be sure to stand out.
  • Please ensure that you are following Legally Engaged before you apply and that you attach the required evidence to your email. As the purpose of this giveaway is to reward our followers and subscribers, failure to do this will automatically disqualify you.

All the best!

legallyengagedGiveaway – Practice Preparation Course 2020

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